Do you want to be a Minecraft creator?

Do you have the skills to be a Minecraft creator, but aren’t sure how to get started then Waypoint Studios is the place for you to get started!

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The story behind why we publish

Waypoint Studios is a leading publisher of Minecraft maps and skin packs on the Minecraft Marketplace. We help small creators in the Minecraft community publish to the Minecraft Marketplace, working with a collection of the best creators in the Minecraft community to create and publish content to the Minecraft marketplace.

Since starting, we have helped small creators build a portfolio of successful Minecraft worlds, adventures, and skin packs with the aim of helping them become their own Minecraft partner. We set creators on the right path by giving you direct access to our team of mapmakers, as well as being part of our industry-leading accelerator program that has helped some of the top creators in Minecraft become partners.

Frequent Questions

What's the difference between a Minecraft partnership and a Waypoint Partner?

A Minecraft publisher is an alternative way to launch onto the Minecraft marketplace; it’s often used as a gateway into the Minecraft marketplace. You can build a portfolio and gain real-world experience at the same time.

If you want to become a Minecraft partner, you need to apply on their website.

What makes Waypoint Studios the best partnership for you?

We’re biased, obviously, but we firmly believe that Waypoint Studios offers the best partnership program as we were founded by and managed by Minecraft map makers. A Waypoint partnership isn’t for everyone, though! 

If you’re an experienced creator with already established ideas, funding and support, then a direct Minecraft partnership may be your best option. Waypoint Studios is designed for creators who want a helping hand, need help with project funding or don’t want to deal with customer-facing support.

How do publisher fees work?

If you choose to publish with Waypoint Studios, then we take our fee by taking a minority percentage of sales of products we release on your behalf. That means that we only benefit from helping you succeed!