Start your Minecraft Journey

with Waypoint Studios

Waypoint Studios is one of the leading publishers for the Minecraft marketplace. With our expert advice, we can help you become a better creator and help you on your path to becoming your own Minecraft marketplace partner.



You earn from every sale.

80% of every sale of your product goes to you, we take a small 20% fee on every sale to help provide the tools for you to learn and to grow and to provide access to expert knowledge and advice from creators that have worked in Minecraft for over 10 years.

Work on the products you like.

We support creators making Skin Packs, Survival Spawns, Minigames, Adventure Maps and Texture Packs. Whatever you’re good at we have experienced creators willing to show you how you can turn your passion into career.

Learn from the best.

Waypoint Studios was founded by a small group of experienced builders, modellers, artists and designers with years of experience creating games within Minecraft. A Waypoint Studios partnership doesn’t just offer a path to becoming a Minecraft partner, it offers a chance to learn from the best and hone your skills in an environment that encourages growth and rewards excellence. 


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