How to publish on the Minecraft marketplace with Waypoint Studios

You’re a Minecraft creator who creates awesome content, and you’re looking for a way to join the Minecraft marketplace, but you don’t know how to get started. Does that sound like you? Have you applied to the Minecraft marketplace, but it’s been 12 months, and you’ve still not heard back? It’s frustrating and demotivating—we get it!

Have you considered publishing with Waypoint Studios?

Waypoint Studios is one of the only authorised publishers, which means that we work closely with Mojang to find talented creators like you and fast-track them to get onto the Minecraft marketplace. Our application process gets you an answer within 1 month. If accepted, we provide tailored training to guide you on making the best content for the Minecraft marketplace and, ultimately, how to become a Minecraft Marketplace partner for yourself!

How does publishing with Waypoint Studios increase your chance of becoming a Minecraft Partner?

It’s pretty simple: thousands of people apply to become a Minecraft marketplace partner every month, and fewer than 100 new partners are added yearly. As one of those thousands of applications, you must meet many expectations, but you also have to get somewhat lucky; once enough new high-quality partners have been selected, even a good application may be denied. We increase your odds by bolstering your portfolio with real data. Mojang can see exactly the sort of products you’re creating and see exactly how the Minecraft community responds to your content (do people like it, do they play it). They know that you’ve already been shown the ins and outs of working technically within Minecraft by us!

That sounds cool, but what are the downsides?

If you ask me, there are no downsides to getting a publisher, but then I am very biased! Putting that bias aside, when you work with a publisher, you may face some limitations that you wouldn’t have if you worked directly with Mojang.

  • A Publisher takes a fee from each sale you make. Our fee is 20%, by the way!
  • You’ll be releasing content alongside other creators, meaning you may not always get the perfect release date. (Although we do try to accommodate this as best as possible)
  • Some content might not be suitable for publishing; for example, if you remake something we’ve already made and published in the past, we’re unlikely to want to release duplicate content.

Now, these are negatives; the biggest one is the publishing fee. I’ll stick my hands up and say that we are a business, and as such, we have to make money, but we do that by making you the best creator you can be and unlocking that potential. By taking a small fee from each sale, if we’re doing our job right and making you a great creator, we are rewarded; if we’re not helping you, then we’re not.

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