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How to reset your Minecraft Marketplace world

You may need to reset your Minecraft template when a new version updates to the Minecraft marketplace. This is typically required when a game-breaking bug is found, and an update is released.

Before we begin, there are a few things you need to know and some technical jargon to help you better understand what you are doing.

  • A world can be made up of a build, a resource pack, and a behavior pack. Not every world is the same, though; you may have one, two, or all three things.
  • A behavior pack controls the game features. Things like new mobs, dialogue, and weapons.
  • A resource pack adds the textures and models you see on a map.
  • When you reset a world, you will lose progress on old saves; by following this process, you will have to restart a map from the beginning. This is a limitation of Minecraft.



As we said in the introduction, you can’t take your progress when you update. We know it cannot be very pleasant to lose progress. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of Minecraft World updates.

You need to delete your existing template. To do that, go into settings (found on the Minecraft home screen) and scroll down to “Storage.”



Select World Templates and find the map you want to delete.

Clicking this will show you a delete option. Click it and confirm that you want to delete the template.



Go into the Minecraft Marketplace and search for the content you want to reinstall. You should see the download button. Install your content.



You can now recreate a world using the new template version. Please note: Old worlds using the previous template may no longer function.

iOS: I can’t load the .mctemplate into the game

When loading in the map, you may receive the error Unknown Pack Name.

If you see this, it is caused by the iOS open from files does not seem to import the map correctly. Instead, use the inbuilt discord/safari “open with Minecraft” option, which should load correctly.

I want to request a refund

We are regrettably unable to process refunds. You must go through the platform you bought it from:



If you bought a map or skin pack on Minecraft using cash or a bank card, you must reach out to the support team of the platform you were playing on at the time.

Microsoft Store - Microsoft Support

Apple App Store - Apple App Store

Apple TV - Apple TV Store

Google Play - Google Play Store

Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire TV -  Amazon Store

Xbox One - Xbox Support

PlayStation™ – PlayStation™ Store



If you purchased your content using Minecoins, you can open a ticket with Mojang support to receive a refund. Note: Refunds are not guaranteed. It is decided by the support team you contact. If you experience a bug in our world, please let us know!

đź“” Creator / Partner Support

Why should you be a Waypoint partner?

We are constantly looking for the next top creator in Minecraft. If you make great content and you’re looking to earn an income from the Minecraft marketplace, then we want to hear from you!

Applying to the Minecraft marketplace is increasingly more and more difficult, with the requirements and barrier to entry getting higher and more unreachable every time the applications reopen. The Waypoint partnership is both a proven and approved by Mojang route into entering the Minecraft marketplace. We have helped a lot of Minecraft partners develop both the portfolio and the skillset to become an official Minecraft partner.

What creators are we looking for?

We are always on the search for new creators in Minecraft. If you’re an artist making Skin packs or Texture packs, or you’re a builder making Worlds, maybe even a team making full Adventures with custom behaviour packs and resource packs.